A Decentralized Launchpad Platform for Easy Token Presale Events


PizonPad is a decentralized launchpad platform designed to streamline and simplify the process of creating token presale events for project owners. With PizonPad, you can easily launch your project without needing extensive blockchain knowledge or complex coding skills. In this document, we will provide an overview of the PizonPad platform, its key features, and how it benefits both project owners and investors.

1. Easy Token Presale Event Creation:

PizonPad allows project owners to easily create their own token presale events by simply inputting the necessary parameters, such as total token supply, release price, currency used for presale, start and end times of the presale, etc. This user-friendly interface eliminates the need for complex coding or deep understanding of blockchain technology.

2. Verified Projects Section:

Projects can choose to participate in the "verified projects" section by submitting their project information to Pizon before conducting the presale. This offers an additional layer of credibility and trust for potential investors. Once approved, Pizon will display these projects on its website under the "verified projects" category, accompanied by a confirmation tick.

3. Marketing Support and Promotion:

Pizon supports verified projects in marketing their image and introducing their information on Pizon's social media channels and partners. This comprehensive marketing support helps projects gain visibility, attract investors, and ultimately achieve success.

4. Benefits for Project Owners:

- Easy and streamlined token presale event creation

- Access to the "verified projects" section for increased credibility

- Comprehensive marketing support and promotion

5. Benefits for Investors:

- Access to a curated list of verified projects, reducing risks associated with scams or low-quality projects

- Transparency and trust through the verification process

- Opportunity to participate in promising projects at the early stages


PizonPad simplifies the process of launching token presale events for project owners while offering an added layer of trust and transparency for investors. With its user-friendly interface, verified projects section, and comprehensive marketing support, PizonPad is the ideal platform for both project owners and investors to participate in the growing blockchain ecosystem.

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