Pizon Introduction

The purpose of this documentation is to introduce the user to the services offered by Pizon and serve as a guide for using those services.

Pizon is a cutting-edge protocol that is revolutionizing the world of decentralized exchanges and launchpads. Built on the highly scalable and efficient Arbitrum chain, Pizon offers users the best-performing AMM+ service available. With a commitment to only featuring real projects, Pizon's decentralized launchpad provides a secure and trustworthy platform for project creators to bring their ideas to the market.

Pizon's suite of products includes RefWar, a unique and exciting way for users to earn rewards while trading; a Decentralized Exchange for seamless and secure trading; a Launchpad for new and innovative projects to gain traction; and Listing and Marketing Services to ensure that projects get the exposure they need to succeed.

With the slogan "Perform from the best", Pizon is leading the charge toward a decentralized future where users are empowered and in control of their financial destiny.

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