Loyalty Program: Maximizing Rewards for Long-Term Holders

The Loyalty Program is a unique initiative designed to reward and incentivize long-term holders of the $PZT token. This program offers an opportunity for token holders to accumulate $LOYAL tokens based on the duration of their holdings. The longer you hold $PZT in your wallet, the more $LOYAL you will receive. This document provides a detailed overview of the $PZT Loyalty Program, including how it works, the benefits of participation, and real-time updates.

1. Program Mechanics:

The Loyalty Program operates on a simple principle: the longer you hold your unlocked $PZT, the more $LOYAL tokens you will earn. As time progresses, your $LOYAL balance will increase proportionally.

2. $LOYAL Accumulation:

When your $PZT tokens are unlocked and held in your wallet, your $LOYAL accumulation begins. The program tracks the duration of your holdings and calculates $LOYAL tokens accordingly. This means that the more unlocked $PZT tokens you hold and the longer you hold them, the greater your $LOYAL rewards will be.

The formula to calculate your $LOYAL is as followed:

Acquired $LOYAL per second = Unlocked $PZT balance/(365 x 24 x 60 x 60)

If you sell a certain amount of $PZT (assumed an "x" amount of $PZT sold), your percentage of $LOYAL will be subtracted as followed:

% $LOYAL subtracted = (x/ $PZT unlocked balance * 100)

If you buy more $PZT, which means more $PZT will be unlocked, your acquired $LOYAL will be increased accordingly

Please be noted that $LOYAL is illiquid and non-transferable. However, as a person accumulates more $LOYAL, their chances to join presales for projects launching on Pizon will be higher.

3. Pausing and Reinstating $LOYAL:

If you decide to sell all unlocked $PZT tokens from your wallet, your $LOYAL will decrease to Zero. This mechanism ensures that $LOYAL rewards are reserved for long-term and committed token holders.

4. Real-Time Updates:

The $PZT Loyalty Program provides real-time updates of your $LOYAL balance. This allows you to track your rewards and monitor the growth of your $LOYAL tokens. The real-time updates ensure transparency and enable you to stay informed about your accumulated rewards.

Name: Pizon Holding Indicator

Ticker: $LOYAL

Chain: Arbitrum

Contract: 0xE29B0D1aB20fa04A1082Ab5d70bda1B818338B35

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